Consumer Goods and Services

In an era of market disruption, Napollo consumer goods industry helps businesses digitize, transform and reach the always-connected consumer.

Moving to modern CPG

Mighty multinational consumer goods companies are falling while upstarts are rewriting the rules. The traditional model has passed its shelf life. Consumer engagement is everything: People want delightful experiences. They want personalized products and services—at the right time and the most convenient place.

It’s time for consumer products companies to sign off on fast innovation, get agile, harness technology and data, and move to modern.

What we do

From consumer goods retail execution to trade promotion optimization, the Napollo Consumer Goods Industry helps businesses innovate and transform.

Cloud Solutions for Consumer Goods

We’re embedding modern IT innovations, new technology and data science capabilities into the enterprise.

Customer Innovation Network

We bring insight-driven distribution and sales to customers, at the exact right time for them to sustain a competitive advantage.

Advanced Digital Enterprise

Unlock trapped value and shape a lean organization that can respond quickly and flexibly to changing consumer demands.

Modern Relationships

At Napollo, we Embrace a truly consumer-centric mindset and ensure consumers find the products they desire on their favorite channels for successful and sustainable business growth.

Connected Enterprise

Our Top-notch software solutions merged with consumer data and enterprise data (via AI and analytics) to generate insight-driven distribution and promotion strategies.

Our Digital Services

With services including retail execution, promotion management, goods mobility solutions and store compliance, we guide clients through the changes sweeping through the industry.