Energy Consulting

 The future of oil and gas? Safer, smarter and digital.

From upstream to trading and refining to marketing, we help companies across developing their Digital value chain.

Reinventing Oil and Gas for a Digital Future

There is an oil and gas transformation underway. Whether it is investing in renewable gas, digitizing operations or mastering technologies like AI and IoT, leaders today must reinvent their DNA to transform, grow and adapt to succeed.

That’s where we come in. With more than 30 years of energy industry experience, our consultants enable oil and gas companies to turn digital disruptions into solutions for competitive advantage.

Placing our citizens at the centre will help guide the changes needed, while at the same time help earn their trust to sustain and grow in an increasingly complex business landscape.

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What we do

We bring a full range of services for an energy transformation in an increasingly digital world.

Operational Excellence

Delivering insights including event prediction to enable flawless execution and to highlight how to maximize profitability across operating equipment.

Blockchain in Oil & Gas

In the oil & gas industry, from increasing visibility to securing energy trading, oil and gas blockchain helps companies tackle supply chains and regulatory demands.

SAP in oil & gas

Our software designers are experienced With SAP S/4HANA, helping you navigate and accelerate your digital transformational journey as smooth as it can be.

Sales and marketing

Transform the customer experience at the service station with solutions that capitalize on digital technologies.

Trading & Commercial

We help you gain new efficiencies by managing energy trading risk, reducing costs and monetizing opportunities.