What is your purpose?
Deliver an experience that delights customers
and entices them to not just buy from you, but to buy into you.

Do your customers buy into you?

What is your purpose? Retailers need to understand what makes them unique.

How will you engage with your customers? Customers that buy into your purpose are the most profitable ones. Find out who they are.

How will you work differently? That means equipping a workforce with the right tools and purposeful work. How will data and analytics drive value? Everyone has data on their customer but if used correctly, it can empower you to learn what matters most to your customers.

Finally, what role will technology and partnerships play? Choosing the right partners, whether it’s a start-up or technology that understand and share your vision are vital to executing retail with purpose.

What we do

As retail evolves, brands must find ways to create meaningful customer experiences. Enter Napollo Retail Solutions, helping brands win customers, providing services like retail industry consulting and giving them the edge to thrive.

Data & analytics

We help businesses know who their most profitable customers are and build their business around them. we help them achieve operational success through effective Digital Transformation.

Customer Engagement

Unique experiences connect consumers to your brand. We help you empower your workforce with digital tools to understand the customers they’re serving.

Modernized Technology

Give your IT landscape a makeover, while speeding up investments in new, value-adding digital capabilities, allowing tech to transform your business.

Digital Transformation

We can transform your business through technology, giving you a competitive advantage amid the disruption to gain and sustain the leverage over cutthroat market competition.

Optimize Marketing Mix

Ensure your HLV customers receive a loyalty experience through promotions/digital marketing and utilize partners like Google, Adobe and Salesforce.

Inventory Optimization

Use data-driven analytics to flow and locate inventory that matters to your HLV customers—maximize in-stock, working capital and inventory ROIC.