Software & Platforms

Your hypergrowth journey begins here.
Accelerate growth and reshape the global economy with services and tools unique to platform companies.

Accelerating Platform Business

The platform revolution is here, and Napollo is helping its clients drive disruption and massive growth worldwide. We help our clients advance along four key paths:

  • Transforming businesses to platform-based models and technology.
  • Implementing innovations that propel established platforms to the next level of growth.
  • Helping platform leaders accelerate and scale into new markets with strategic products and services.
  • Partnering with our clients to create new platform businesses.

Wherever your place along the journey, Napollo is ready to help guide and accelerate your platform objectives.

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What we do

As retail evolves, brands must find ways to create meaningful customer experiences. Enter Napollo Retail Solutions, helping brands win customers, providing services like retail industry consulting and giving them the edge to thrive.

Data & Analytics

We make sure that our clients know who their most profitable customers are and build their business around them through transforming their business digitally.

Customer Engagement

Unique experiences connect consumers to your brand. We help you empower your workforce with digital tools to understand the customers they’re serving.

Modernized Technology

Give your IT landscape a makeover, while speeding up investments in new, value-adding digital capabilities, allowing tech to transform your business.

Digital Transformation

We can transform your business through technology, giving you a competitive advantage amid the disruption.

Industry X.0

Agility to Compete: Drive efficiencies in core product value chain: engineering, manufacturing and aftersales.

Relevant Traffic

Get a 360-degree view of what brings customers to your stores. From marketing and supply chain to merchandising and labor.